What Does it Take to Win a Thailand Training Camp Sponsorship ?

How To Win A Training Camp Sponsorship

evanpunchingpadsThailand Training Camp offers a sponsorship to one, not lucky, but dedicated individual who will earn the opportunity to stay in Thailand for a full month; hotel and all inclusive training being covered and paid for by the Khongsittha Muay Thai Camp.

Picking the winner of this challenge is no easy task. Almost every member thus far has shown complete dedication and perseverance during their time in Bangkok.

However, with three camps now in the books, common traits are beginning to emerge as critical assets that the winners of this sponsorship possessed on day one and brought with them into day number twenty-eight.


Consistency becomes a prerequisite to achieving almost anything in life, it’s a way for you to always be in the right place, at the right time.

Much of the time, someone’s impression of you is based on a single moment, the glance they give you when you first come in contact. Everyone has their off days, but if you are a positive and hard working individual on a consistent basis, 95% of the time you will forge good relationships and create a great image to others.

Why does it become so important in the Thailand Training Camp? And why does consistence become one of the most important aspects of your training or fight career?

Most people can push themselves temporarily to create an image, but very few can maintain this intensity and consistency. Over a longer period of time, the mind and body begins to come across challenges – this is where you separate yourself from the rest, you either let these challenges eat you. . . or you begin to thrive in these conditions.

Kate Sholy and Evan Perrier (the two winners of the TTC Sponsorship) were individuals who thrived under these conditions. Kate spent an extra month in Thailand with no signs of slowing down; all of which have led to her 4-0 record as a part of the Khongsittha, Thailand Training Camp Team.

Being a Team Player with Positive Attitude

There are a number of aspects being taken into account that we want you to become aware of. Before the training camp commences, these points are being labeled and are spoken about to better prepare you for success. The training camp’s achievements can easily be attributed to its team culture; created by the unique individuals that visit these camps.

On a personal basis, the camp’s members have spoken about the amount of doubt they had in times of adversity, the number of times they did not want to wake up for morning training, but also, the amount of support they were able to receive. This support and sense of positive accountability kept them from breaking, and instead reaching for new heights, hitting goals they never even had cross their mind before arrival.

Jack Farren won the vote of the team for being the most positive and inspiring team member during the 2016 August camp. There was a moment when he thought he pulled his quadricep and couldn’t stop smiling as we waddled away to get his Thai oil. (Insert Photo of Jack applying oil) Challenges and constant nagging injuries crept up on Jack, but all he did in response was laugh, continue to look good, and inspire the team.

It was motivation for each member to look at Jack and say, “he is going through so much more than I am, but he isn’t losing face over it. Actually, he is still smiling and making us all laugh.” Keeping motivated with that type of energy surrounding you is what the team’s culture is all about. Having someone to make you smile in times of frustration or negative emotion makes it easier to get through the “not so perfect” moments, it’s modeled behavior that anyone can look up to.

Keep in mind that you can be that person for others.

Passion for Improvement

This one comes naturally if you have a passion for Muay Thai. Those who improve the most, are passionate and open minded enough to be thirsty for knowledge throughout their time in the camp. The Thailand Training Camp staff and trainers can easily read how badly you ache to learn and improve; their sense of fulfillment comes by witnessing you have those small wins, when everything seems to click.

Consistency is the prerequisite action. Passion becomes the prerequisite emotion. Passion is your mental edge, there will be plenty of moments where training and your personal life will question your why. If your reason why is strong, if it aches inside of you to take part in this journey, if it craves for you to change your mind and to have your body follow suit, then as others fold, you will continue to stand tall.

That is a journey of self improvement. Passion for consistent action creates momentum, enough to keep you going through the obstacles, once established. . . improvement within your skill set and mind becomes the byproduct.

Becoming a Challenge Chaser

Once we achieve a certain goal, which is inevitable during your time in Thailand. It is important to create new goals that challenge you. You are encouraged to celebrate and create memories with the team, but it becomes really easy to get comfortable and to let your momentum come to a halt. Once that happens, it becomes really hard to hop back on the wild horse that Muay Thai tends to be.

Kate Sholy was the prime example of this description, after winning her first fight in Thailand, she continued onto the challenge of attempting to win a second time, a second week in a row; doing so in rapid success and earning the TTC sponsorship. She kept this momentum going all the way into her camp a few months later, snatching another win against a tough opponent in Bangkok and reaping the rewards of winning her second straight sponsorship.


Although these are the characteristics of those who earned the sponsorship in the past, it goes without saying that you are a unique individual that will bring your own X factor to the table. Whether it is an aura that instantly motivates others to work harder, a hunger to improve yourself that shines through you, or something that the staff is drawn to, you have a shot at winning the sponsorship. It is an extra bit of motivation to keep pushing yourself, but at the end of the day, this experience is an investment into realizing your true human potential.

Some closing words by 2x Thailand Training Camp Sponsorship winner Kate Sholy:

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