Top Excuses Why You are NOT in Thailand Right Now

Your major concerns about traveling to Thailand ANSWERED

20150303_s-0020It is not as simple as just picking up and leaving the country. Or is it?

I guess it is all dependent on priority, but of more importance is your perception and your environment. We can all agree that it takes effort and a bit of discipline to make the dream come true. Many talk about it, but what is keeping them from being there, reaping the rewards of hard work? Why is that not their reality in this exact moment?

Maybe they don’t believe that they deserve to be there, as no one in their immediate group of friends and family travels; this is a reality created by a small circle, their environment. It can be witnessed over and over again; groups of people making the difference between the pursuit of great adventure and the pursuit of riding down the same road, and getting home to stare at the same wall. A routine that many are trapped in for years on end.

One group will create excuses of why they cannot purse a dream job, a spontaneous vacation or in this case, a life changing trip to improve your body and mind.

The second group on the other hand, exercises support. For the excuses that you do hold with you, they hold the answers; opening up a pathway in your mind that realizes you deserve to experience the beauty that this world has to offer.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point you can always fill out the contact form here. This article was created to be your friend and support team in the case that your circle swings in group one’s direction.

Here are the main concerns that come with travel and training outside of your country, as well as the solutions to quickly execute versus continuing to overthink:

“I don’t have the money.”

A very valid point, but we can’t leave it at just that. This is where perception comes into play, we can often say that we don’t have the money for something, when in reality it’s something that we don’t value enough to invest our hard earned currency into.

“Travel is one of the only things you can throw all of the money you have into, and in the end of the journey become more rich.”

You can view travel as a form of real life education. Every doctor, lawyer, and collegiate professional has had to invest their time and money into something that initially showed up on their bank statement in red. Just as in collegiate education, travel is an investment, in whichever way it has to be done, it will eventually create a positive snowball effect.

The answer doesn’t lie in “Do I have money or not?” The answer lies in “How can I make this happen”. Will it be done by hitting the savings? Perhaps by swiping the credit card and making it work once we come back completely de-stressed and significantly more resilient as a result of this journey. Or. . . we follow the obvious option of creating a financial plan to save, to fundraise, and to work the extra hours to make it happen

This way of thinking begins the process of actually setting out on the adventure. It is a choice, those who have made it happen will agree according to the survey:


“It’s not that easy, I have a family and work. I would hate to feel selfish.”

Show your kids that the world is not limited to their neighborhood – it will teach them about the importance of accepting others who are different from them, to be well-conditioned out of their comfort zone.

Taking time off breaks the stress cycle, it is the sole reason for work. We work in an order to live, but if work becomes our life, what are we left with?

A sense of fulfillment comes from travel. It begins inside, but it is projected outwardly onto those around you. At the end of the day there is no regret, no stone left unturned. There is no resentment towards others for limiting you. It will leave you wanting to show others the things you have been blessed to see and experience yourself; to give back the same blessings you have received.

“My technique is not good enough.” or “I am not in good enough shape.”

The answer to that statement lies right within itself. Thailand is where your technique becomes good enough, it is where you get into an amazing shape. There is no one in the world better at the fundamentals of Muay Thai than the Thais. They not only live this life as fighters, but those who will be teaching you, have been doing so for years on end, 5-7 hours per day, with anyone and everyone; there isn’t anything they have not seen.

There is nothing that is more fulfilling to witness as a trainer than an individual attempting to change, taking a shot and putting in effort to improve themselves. Your willingness to learn will be equally reciprocated from your trainers.

“I have never traveled away from my country, it’s a scary thought.”

Those who begin to travel for the first time continue to do so with ease. As we are habitual creatures, there comes a time to break the cycle, facing that scary thought head on, and realizing how it’s truly not that bad. Imagine a life of facing what challenges and scares you becoming an automatic process, just as walking and driving a car does.

This is your opportunity to begin this life. You will begin to make things happen once you see what is possible – once it become reality, you will not only want to recreate these memories over and over again, you will begin to test how far you can take them.

In conclusion, this piece serves the purpose of creating a new thought pattern, of creating possibility, realistic thoughts and steps of action within your head.

Just the thoughtful decision to make it happen is 50% of the way to your destination. Begin to talk about it, discuss and have the conversation with your family, your friends who support self improvement. If you receive opposition, do not get frustrated or give up, sometimes it takes a bit of factual persuasion.


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